A Week of Calm


Who will you be amidst the chaos?

Hi there! I’m Tonya Leigh, a reformed chronic worrier.  

I was also a critical care nurse for over a decade and experienced what it’s like to find your calm in the chaos. 

Right now, more than ever, we need to manage our minds and how we’re showing up in the world.  

When you understand how your mind works, you can use this powerful tool to support you instead of spinning into worry and panic.

It’s about letting go of resistance and not fighting with what’s happening.

It’s about knowing where to focus to be your most powerful.  

It’s about self-love and grace. 

It’s about deciding who you’re going to be no matter what is happening around you.

Calm is always an option no matter what is going on around you (and it’s always the best option). 

Let’s come out of this stronger and smarter than we entered it.

Let’s come out of this stronger and smarter than we entered it.

We are living in fascinating times, aren’t we?

Never in the history of my lifetime has the entire globe faced the exact same problem which has led to lost live, jobs vanishing instantly and palpable panic.

If you don’t know how to manage your mind, you’ll easily join this collective energy and lose perspective.

I want to challenge you to choose purpose over panic, to choose love over fear, and to choose calm amidst the chaos.

I also want to remind you:

Millionaires come out of recessions.

Innovations come out of the hardest times.

Expansion comes out of contraction.

Now is not the time to spiral into worry, anxiety, and panic and lose your way.

Now is the time to step into your power and decide what your future will be.

Now is the time to expand instead of shrink.


Daily classes to add more calm into your day
(and help you tap into your power)

Daily classes to add more calm into your day (and help you tap into your power)


Allowing vs. Resisting


Fact vs. Fiction


Your Business vs.
The World’s Business


The Worst vs. The Best


Aimless vs. Purposeful

What women have to say about Tonya:

-Alison Griffiths

Tonya is a vibrant, positive and inspirational person. Her passion for the French Kiss Life, the ladies who saunter into her salons and all those who take pleasure in her every podcast is tremendous; Tonya literally lights a flame within each of us to be and do our best to live, love and luxuriate in our lives.

A true professional Tonya not only talks the talk, she walks, runs, giggles, falls, embraces, cellabrates and truly enjoys the walk as she goes.

Thank you Tonya x

-Alison Griffiths

Tonya is an excellent coach. She shows you how to shift your thinking so that you can enjoy your life as it is, and how to take the next steps to lead the life of your dreams.

Her ability to get to the core of issues is outstanding. I am continually learning from her. And it is great fun to read her posts. Love her humour and honesty!

-Ellen Ogilvy

-Kristie Rowan Cox

First of all, she’s so fun to listen to. Very positive and calm. Gets you motivated to improve yourself. Tonya has the tools for sure.

I’ve actually become friends with a few of the ladies and those connections are something to treasure.

Thank you Tonya Leigh!

-Kristie Rowan Cox

Tonya Leigh teaches women TO THINK in ways that best serve themselves and how to CREATE a life of which they’ve always dreamed She has the ability and determination TO GO DEEP into the issues that keep us hopelessly stuck and then lovingly makes it incredibly fun along that journey.

God broke the mold when he made this extraordinary woman! Can’t emphasize(from personal experiences) enough THE GIFT of Tonya Leigh and her French Kiss Life suite of programs.

-Marcia Kirby Rios

-Rebekah Neal

Tonya Leigh is an amazing woman, she feels like a friend! I laugh with her, I work with her, we go on walks and runs together.

Her podcasts are my go to when I need something positive and helpful. It’s amazing to finally see women loving themselves, being brave and really looking at their lives and figuring out what they really want and going after it!!

-Rebekah Neal

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Copyright 2020 French Kiss Life, Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2020 French Kiss Life, Inc. All rights reserved.