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How to be
Connected, Confident
& Captivating
In Any Social Situation
Let’s start with a Pop Quiz
You walk into the job interview, networking event, blind date, restaurant full of strangers, and you:

a) Are so in your head that you feel like you can’t seem to put together a
thoughtful sentence.

b) Have the urge to immediately run to the bathroom to kill as much time as
possible, cursing yourself out, wondering why you agreed to come.

c) Instantly feel like you don’t belong, so you start running the tape of “I’m not
good enough” over and over in your mind.

d) Saunter into the room overflowing with confidence, completely at ease,
feeling so natural without a care in the world. And you take notice that
everyone is drawn to you like a magnet, laughing at your little jokes, and they
are all looking at you in the eye hanging on your every word. And you feel

If you didn’t answer “d,” keep reading.

At one time or another,
We have all been that awkward and
(even worse) boring woman at the table.

Are you tired of . . .

. . . thinking you're not interesting enough so you’re always on the sidelines of social events.

. . . not conversing with confidence beyond the “hello” and
goodbye” formalities.

. . . feeling like an imposter when in "powerful" groups.

. . . worrying about being judged, rejected or not liked.

. . . watching everyone else make powerful connections and excel in their careers while you feel stuck.

. . . being spoken over or ignored only to confirm your belief that what you have to say isn’t important.

. . . rambling on and on because this is what you do when you're

. . . feeling like you don’t belong because you don’t have anything interesting to say.

. . . lying in bed replaying conversations over and over in your head wishing that you’d said something different.

You’re not alone, my friend!

I was tired of feeling that way, too.

When you learn how to “Charm the Room” Everything will Change.

Hi There!
I’m also a former Socially Anxious Person.
Even though I’m a Southern gal, I didn’t inherit the Southern Charm gene.

In fact, social situations always left me feeling drained, anxious, unfulfilled and judging myself harshly. My lack of social intelligence and people skills held me back for years.

However, when I learned how to “Charm the Room” not only did I start to feel comfortable in my own skin and my relationships started to blossom, but my life purpose suddenly became clear and opportunities flooded in out of nowhere.

For over a decade, I worked as a Professional Master Life Coach, studying the mindset of truly charming people, examining sound psychological principles, and experimenting with myself and clients on how to increase our magnetism, confidence and impact in every room we enter.

Hi There!
I’m also a former Socially Awkward Person.
Even though I’m a Southern gal, I didn’t inherit the Southern Charm gene.

In fact, social situations always left me feeling drained, anxious, unfulfilled and judging myself really harshly. And, it held me back for years.

However, when I finally learned how to “Charm the Room” not only did I start to feel comfortable in my own skin and my relationships started to blossom, but my life purpose suddenly became vibrant and opportunities flooded in out of nowhere.

I have over a decade of working as a Professional Master Life Coach, studying the mindset of truly charming people, examining sound psychological principles, and experimenting with myself and clients on how to increase our magnetism, confidence and impact in every room we enter.

I'm proud to share the methods I’ve weaved together to Charm the Room have led to:
▸ Being invited to work with Oprah and featured in Forbes Magazine on “How to Network.”

▸ The most fabulous dinner parties that felt like they were straight out of “Under the Tuscan Sun”

▸ Finding the love of my life after divorce and looking for love in all the wrong places.

▸Being invited to privately tour Coco Chanel’s apartment and the family home of Louis Vuitton.

▸ Asked to join the exclusive Monaco Luxury Network (despite I had no clue as to how to pronounce Yves Saint Laurent at the time)

▸ My own “Sex & The City-esque” posse of girlfriends who have my back (even though I used to feel intimidated and untrusting of females)

▸ Developing a global network of top-notch business friends who regularly contribute to Bloomberg and have NYT Bestsellers who pick up my call on the first ring.

My professional and anecdotal
credentials for Charm

(a.k.a. Why you CAN trust me)
Ladies with whom I've shared the fundamentals of the Art of Charm have had miracles occur in their own lives, too.
Some examples include:
▸ Transformed from shy wallflower into a magnetic socialite full of confidence.

▸ Promoted to an executive level position even though other candidates were seemingly better qualified on paper.

▸ Resuscitated her marriage, that was previously on the brink of divorce, into a hot and steamy love affair.

▸ Named the sole benefactor in the Last Will & Testament of a newly formed friend.

▸ From feeling lonely and friendless to having five extraordinary girlfriends on speed dial.

▸ From feeling desperate and anxious on first dates to feeling at ease and confident with herself...and attracting an amazing man into her life.

▸ From not speaking to family members for years because of differing viewpoints, to reconnecting and discussing “heated” topics and actually enjoying the exchange of opinions.

▸ Struggling in her business trying to do it alone, to having a world-class network of people who are always a call or email away to help.

While these shifts are miraculous, the best gift is how we feel about ourselves.
We are now women who:
▸ Feel confident and at ease in every room we enter - from a biker bar to a penthouse.

▸ Aren’t afraid to be women in a room full of men (bring it!)

▸ Are no longer easily offended, so we’re no longer making everyone around us walk on eggshells.

▸ No longer obsess about being judged, rejected or liked.

▸ Embrace our beautiful imperfections and are powerful enough to be vulnerable.

▸ Feel at home in the world because we’re finally at home with ourselves.




As a woman, we are taught many life skills — how to balance a checkbook or cook a meal.

But no one really teaches us the most important skill that can make or break every area of our lives:

The art of connecting and conversing with others . . . confidently.

I am 100% confident that I would not be where I am today without learning the art of charm.  

And it’s never too late. Charming ladies know that NOW is always the best time.  

Without people skills, you’ll struggle through life because no matter what you desire — a job promotion, transitioning into retirement, earning more money, cultivating better relationships — interacting with others is part of the equation.

And more importantly, having great social skills opens up the doors to a rich life:

Rich in memories.
Rich opportunities.
Rich relationships.



so that you can influence, impact and inspire in every room you enter
...and leave them wondering “Who’s that Lady?”

So, here we are, m'friend!
Are you ready to elevate your energy, captivate others and leave them wondering, "Who's that lady?"

If so, I'd like to invite you to join "Charm the Room."

If you're a woman who wants to have a big impact in your world, whether it's at the office or with your family, learning how to be a socially intelligent woman is key.

In this course, I'm sharing sound principles, tools and perspectives that will radically changed how you show up with others and in your life.

As a result of this course . . .
You will develop an unstoppable confidence.

You will turn heads with your magnetic presence.

You will have more social influence and impact.  

You'll be more attractive to others.  

You will become a natural conversationalist.

You will never feel “less than” again, no matter who’s in the room.

You'll be the woman having the most fun!  

Learn the Art of Charm.
It Works. Like Magic. Every time.

Here’s exactly what you will
discover in this course:

Salon #1
How to Instantly Be More Charming
▸ The 3 Ps to be instantly more charming

▸ The Oprah technique to captivating others

▸ The #1 thing you must define to charm every social situation

▸ The 2 most common fears that take us out of the present moment

▸ My "camera technique" to instantly melt away social anxiety

Salon #2
Likability 101
▸ The Charm Triangle principle and its impact on your social intelligence

▸ The 3 factors that increase your likability

▸ How to shift your emotions in any situation and around any person

▸ 3 reasons self-confidence is attractive (and how to create it)

▸ Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

▸ The power of social “bold moves.”

Salon #3
The 9 Killers of Charm
▸ The 9 types of behaviors that destroy your ability to charm

▸ The hidden fears that drive these behaviors

▸ The one word that most people use that makes you less alluring

▸ The best way to win any argument

▸ How gossip can make you the most charming woman in the room

Salon #4
The Secret of The Spotlight Effect
▸ The art of introductions that will insure that you are the most popular lady in the room

▸ My never fail 3-prong approach to lighting up a room (and have people craving your company)

▸ The #1 Question I ask before walking into any room

▸ The mindset that will make you stand out and remarkable

▸ How to trigger dopamine in people’s brains (and instantly be more attractive)

Salon #5
The Art of Memorable Conversations
▸ How to go beyond small talk to deeply connect with others

▸ The three words that will allow you to never run out of things to say.

▸ What the #metoo movement can teach you about charm

▸ My 4-part technique that will make you a captivating storyteller

▸ My process for creating a “story collection” so that you’ll always have something interesting to share

Salon #6
How to Magnetize Without SAYING a Word
▸ The four requirements to making a powerful first impression that starts before you walk into the room

▸ Turn on your magnetism with this powerful visualization exercise

▸ The Tonya technique that will help you turn every social encounter into a playful affair

▸ How to enhance your body language and presentation skills to become 10x more captivating without changing a single word

Salon #7
The Charm of Imperfection
▸ The Jennifer Lawrence effect that will help you own your imperfections and boost your charm

▸ The shocking effect that perfectionism has on your ability to charm

▸ The power of “the ask” and how to use it to gain support and raving fans

▸ How I turned one of my biggest insecurities into a $50,000+ opportunity

From the LIPS of Ladies
who have learned how to
Charm The Room

“I have had more opportunities open up by using the
methods Tonya teaches.”
- JT from Texas

“I no longer have social anxiety. I walk into the
room excited about who I’ll meet.”
- LL from Minnesota

“CHARM THE ROOM” is not for you if...
  • You are looking for a quick fix.
  • You are seeking to manipulate others with your behavior
  • You simply want to consume information without applying it to your life
  • You have no interest in personal growth.
  • You’re not willing to look deep within yourself and unravel beliefs and habits holding you back
  • You're wanting Emily Post type of advice on how to curtsey and bat your eyelashes (hmmm...not that kind of course!).
Here’s who “CHARM THE ROOM” is for:
  • You value your personal growth and want to be the best version of yourself
  • You want to feel confident and captivating
  • You know, deep down, that you have so much potential and want skills that will foster your success
  • You want to be more likable
  • You want to feel natural and at ease around others
  • You're ready to invest in and charm the most important person in your life:  YOU!
However, if you’re read up to this point,

I have a sneaky suspicion that this program is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


We've got you covered.

P lay & Practice

When you approach personal development with a sense of play and are committed to having fun with the practice, anything is possible.

But, you must put into practice what you're learning. This is why my clients get results. I don’t simply hand you information. I challenge you to play around with and practice what you’re learning. This is how you create results.


7 Charm Challenges

7 Charm Playsheets

What Women Say About Charm The Room:

"Ladies!!  as we enter the season of graduations, weddings, industry conferences, fundraising events, etc, you will want to listen to Charm The Room again!!

The course reminded me of the effective techniques and conversation starters that put us at ease in various social situations!! I was THE Hostess of the room, shining the spotlight on my guests!!

I had forgotten what a gem that course is!!!! CTR if it has been a minute since you listened to it, revisit the course!!!

~ 🦋🥂💃👜💄 ~ love and light friends! ~"

- Ruby

"Charm The Room has helped me learn that I can control how I feel. Recently I made the decision to feel beautiful, even though I haven't lost the weight and often my hair is out of place. I find myself walking, moving, dressing, and feeling like I'm beautiful and others noticing. And what's fascinating, I no longer hate the extra weight - I like the fact I have an hourglass figure and I realize it's a unique feature that makes me who I am, the same with my wild, crazy curly hair.

Most of the iconic women had something that didn't fit the mold or beauty ideals, but owned it and created their own definition of beauty. I want to do that for myself, to stop hating the fact I'm thicker with curves, but to embrace it.

Of course I am trying to take care of myself by nourishing myself and moving more, but for now, there is no point hating the extra weight. I get to control how I feel about myself and for now I choose to feel beautiful."

- ‎Jennifer

"So here’s what has happened after one day of charm school … I KNEW this would help me!

After salon 1 yesterday morning i sat down and dived into salon one and it was remarkable. In less than half an hour I managed to accept my purpose which ultimately Is To Live My Best Life By Being Joyous And Embracing Everyday Ease And Inspiring YOU To Do The Same! In 4 Words - To Cultivate Elegant Success ... Outcome - Held the most relaxing live q & a with my community last night!

Salon 2 Outcome - I’ve had as one of my goals to upgrade my living space but help it off til Dec when finances was more flexible. But this morning after diving into salon 2 and adding unto salon 1 I went to the furniture store and got the most gorgeous upgrade … inspired by this room.

Ahhh I am sooo excited & can’t wait for the release of the rest of the salons!

Tahhhh Tonya :heart:"

- ‎Menellia

** enrollment in this course is only available for a limited time **
You're protected

with our 100% Money Back

"Charm the Room" comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee.

Our intention is that your life improves dramatically with the skills and shifts you’ll experience in the course. We trust that you’ll apply what you learn in order to experience the results that can be created.

In fact, I'm so confident in how this will improve your social skills that I’d like to offer you a generous 30 days from purchase to dive in and apply the course material into your daily living.

If you have done the work and feel “meh” with the results, simply submit your coursework along with an explanation, and we’ll gladly refund your money.

How’s that for a guarantee?

Charming, I know ;).

Last but not least,
I want to support you in these most common “Charm Sticky Spots”
Enroll now and you will get access to these Charming Bonuses
Bonus #1
Charming Conversation Starters
Sometimes, the most challenging part of a conversation is getting it started out on the right foot. This list of clever ideas is a fantastic tool to peruse before any social event. Charming people know how to delight and arouse admiration through conversation. With these simple yet effective conversation starters, you’ll leave the room having made a powerful impression.
Bonus #2
How to Charm around Difficult People
We’ve all been there: having dinner with the in-laws, attending a boring work conference, dragged to a cocktail mixer with people whose views differ from yours and you're dreading the tense and awkward conversations. Never fear! This bonus will make navigate the most difficult situations (and people) with grace and confidence.
Bonus #3
The 10 Secrets to Social Media Charm
With our world becoming more virtual, it’s important to learn how to powerfully communicate and captivate through the interwebs. Unfortunately, many of us are not communicating and engaging via social media in a way that makes us feel good. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to abandon it entirely. Instead, just do these 10 charming things and you will feel amazing online.
How is “Charm the Room” different from other programs out there teaching People Skills?
While many programs and workshops focus on ways to “appear” more confident in social situations. “Charm the Room” takes you into a deep and playful exploration of the mindset of a charming person so that you’ll do more than “appear” charming. You’ll actually feel like the charming woman that you are...from the inside out. There is a huge difference.

In addition, I believe simple teachings are the best teachings. So, instead of giving you a lot of intellectual studies that only confirm the power of charm, in this course, I am giving you practical skills and mindset shifts that will help you master social situations, from a very powerful yet feminine approach.

I don’t want to manipulate other people’s emotions. Isn’t using charm being manipulative?
There are programs out there that focus on how to manipulate people’s emotions, but this is not one of them.

Manipulation is trying to get others to do what you want them to do. “Charm the Room” teaches you how to be socially confident, create engaging conversations, and bring an energy that leaves you feeling fabulous. Most likely, the result will be other’s feeling fabulous as well.

I’m an introvert. Is this class about trying to make me an extrovert?
Absolutely not! This course is about you feeling comfortable with you who you are so you can be comfortable with others.
How are you qualified to teach a class on charm?
Have you heard the saying, “If you want to learn something, find someone who struggled and overcame it and learn from them?” Thats me. My anxiety in social situations was deeply impacting the quality of my life with lost opportunities and unfulfilling relationships, I set out to master social skills.

When I started to apply the Art of Charm into all areas of my life (not just at the cocktail parties) people started to ask ME to teach them how they, too, could “Charm the Room.” Yes, moi, the former socially awkward person, the one who stuttered, sweated and left most rooms feeling really bad about myself …..was being asked to teach people skills.

In the meantime, I have become a certified Master Life Coach and have been working with clients across the globe for over 10 years in the personal development and lifestyle space.

The result of my work has landed me in Forbes on “How to Network” as well as allowed me to speak to global audiences on topics such as self-confidence, entrepreneurship and living artfully & well.

Who is this program for?
Women who experience social anxiety or want to feel more confident in social situations.

Women drawn to this work value personal growth and seek skill sets to help them live a successful and well-lived life.

What exactly is included in the course?
The course, while compact, packs quite a punch!

It includes 7 Charm the Room Salons, each of which have a teaching video that I have recorded for you on the important topic - if you prefer to read the lesson or listen without video, you have those options, too.

In each of the 7 Salons I have also created a unique Playsheet for you, that will help you to reflect on the teachings and consider how they might be applied into your life.

And to further ensure that you actually DO apply the teachings into your life, each Salon has a “Charm Challenge” where I am going to ask you to do a specific activity in your daily life. This way, it will help ensure that the teachings are not just intellectualized; instead, your body and mind will be able to develop muscle memory of how things can be different, which will make it easier for you to be able to apply this into all social situations, and beyond!

Finally, the three bonus lessons that will be delivered to you via audio form

How is this course delivered? How do I access the lessons?
The lessons will be available to you via your Membership Website. As soon as you join, you’ll be emailed a private login to join the course. The salons are released every 2 days over the course of 14 days. And don’t forget: you have lifetime access to the program.
I’m super busy. How much time will I need to dedicate to the course?
Most women drawn to this work are high achievers and want a new skill set to foster their success. For this reason, we intentionally created this course to be delivered in powerful and effective short lessons that you can listen to in 30 minutes or less. Your charm challenge is designed for you to be able to practice and apply in your daily life.
It’s time to step up your Social Skills.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into a room full of people.

How do you want to feel? And how do you want to make others feel?

Do you want to be the woman who . . .

. . . stays at home hoping that one day you’ll have a full social calendar?
. . . settles for the status quo while watching others making powerful connections?
. . . constantly allows social anxiety to hold you back?
. . . never knows what to say?


. . . easily cultivates deeper connections
. . . creates dynamic friendships?
. . . attracts abundant opportunities?
. . . and leaves the others in the room wondering “Who’s that Lady?”

That’s what I thought.

I’ll see you inside the course.

** enrollment in this course is only available for a limited time **